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This is PW10

sustainable inspection vessel

Frisian glory.

In spring 2020, the Province of Friesland assigned us with the task to build their new inspection vessel. We were delighted and proud to take on this assignment, which is a truly Frisian product: designed by Vrijpack in Sneek and built by us, and all of this for our own provincial government.

PW10’s green credentials.

PW10 is carbon neutral due to electric propulsion combined with a large battery pack that is charged at night. In addition, the roof of the wheelhouse will be fitted with 10 solar panels. PW10 is a fully electric and sustainable ship, and naturally that comes with several benefits:

  • 18,427 kg fewer CO2 emissions*
  • 6,980 litres of fuel saved*
  • 70% savings on maintenance costs
  • 85% recyclable

*on a yearly basis


After the official keel-laying, the construction of the ship started in September 2020. The hull is made of steel, because this has a smaller CO2 footprint than other materials, aluminium for example. After completing the hull, we started work on the paint job.

Progress report.

The vessel is still under construction. She will be delivered to the Province of Friesland before the start of summer 2021: we’ve almost finished the paint job and are working on the next steps at the moment, such as finishing the electrical work and installing all components.

When all of the technology has been fitted on board of the ship, we’ll start on the interior. This will be finished with bamboo panelling: a fast-growing species of grass that captures large amounts of CO2 and emits 35% more oxygen. Ecological materials will be used for the upholstery.

% recyclable
metres long

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